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Our aim is to make our website as accessible to as many people as possible. We continuously improve the accessibility and usability of our site to ensure that no one is left out.

Our pages are compatible with a wide range of screen-reading software and can be navigated using only the keyboard: skip links, for example, allow really quick and easy navigation, while accessible colour contrasts ensure the screen is easy to read.

Please note that although all internal links will open in the same window, links to other our other company websites may open in a new window and we will try to inform you when this happens.

You can improve the accessibility of any website through your internet browser software, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari, which is simple to do:

Internet Explorer: from the ‘view’ menu, select ‘text size’ or ‘zoom’, and then your preferred size/zoom.

Mozilla Firefox: from the ‘view’ menu, select ‘zoom’ followed by ‘zoom in’ or ‘zoom out’ as required.

Google Chrome: select the settings icon at the top right of the browser window then use the zoom ‘-‘ and ‘+’ as required.

Safari: from the ‘view’ menu select ‘zoom in’ or ‘zoom out’ as required.

Although full accessibility is not always possible on every page, we are continually working to ensure all areas of the site enjoy the same degree of accessibility. If you do experience any difficulty in accessing our site, please contact us.