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Fish Vet Group Welcomes New Technical Development Director

Fish Vet Group (FVG) has appointed a Technical Development Director to expand its business further into the international  aquaculture health market.
John Marshall, who has over 17 years’ experience in animal healthcare, will be leading the group’s technical growth, including the development, sales and marketing of new products. After a career in research, development, sales and marketing, Mr Marshall became Head of Technical Services Europe for Novartis Aqua, spending the past 12 years concentrating on growing Novartis Animal Health’s aqua business, where he was responsible for the development and marketing of several leading pharmaceuticals and vaccines.
Discussing his decision to specialise in aqua health, Mr Marshall explained: “Because the fish farming industry is comparatively new in terms of animal healthcare, it is much more dynamic – it’s very exciting that scientific solutions for new problems can become market leaders within a relatively short space of time.” said: “Working for a smaller company will give me the opportunity to bring in some new ideas, and be more involved throughout the process of research, development, sales and marketing of new products.”
Speaking on behalf of all FVG Directors, Dave Cox said: “We are delighted to welcome John on board and are confident that he will make a significant impact.”