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FishSite webinar ‘Parasites in Focus’ 13.00 GMT, 29 October 2015

TheFishSite are launching the first in a two-part series of webinars on ‘Parasites in Focus’ on 29 October 2015 presented by Dr Andy Shinn of the Fish Vet Group. The webinar is a follow-on from the introduction to ‘Parasitic infections in aquaculture’ presented by Dr. Matt Longshaw and will take a closer look at some notable parasitic infections of farmed aquatic organisms.

Using named examples, the talk will look at a variety of protozoan and metazoan parasites on some of the world’s principal farmed fish, crustacean and molluscan species and make comments on their detection, identification, impacts on their host, and strategies for their management and control.

TheFishSite launched their webinar platform in February 2014 to offer information in a more interactive environment.  Since the initial webinar, the format has been used as a knowledge transfer tool for current students and the wider aquaculture industry.

The forthcoming webinar will be held on 29 September at 1pm GMT, to register visit